What does Joie De Vivre mean to you? 

A few months ago I somehow ‘discovered’ author Jamie Cat Callan and her book; ‘Bonjour Happiness! Secrets to finding your Joie De Vivre’.  This is my favorite of Jamie Cat Callan’s books by far, probably because it is lifestyle based. It isn’t just, “French women are…” She thoughtfully discusses what […]

I’m A Parisian Woman. Here’s What I Actually Eat In A Day

When I meet people for the the first time and they find out I’m French, the conversation quickly moves toward food. They say, “I love French cuisine! Croissants, macarons, baguettes, coq au vin, ratatouille, vin rouge…delightful?” And then, quickly after, “Can I ask you a question? How is it you’re […]

5 Things We Can Learn from the French

The French are far from a perfect people. They’re late, unfaithful and often too proud for their own good. These are all, of course, stereotypes and generalizations as are the following things on my list of things the French do well. That said, here are a few things we can […]

3 Parisian Lifestyle Secrets You Should Totally Steal

On my recent trip to France, I become envious of the opulent French culture. They smoke, drink wine every day, and eat beaucoup chocolate and creamy butter galore. They indulge in Nutella crepes; drink aromatic rich cappuccinos; and eat croissants, breads, and pastries, and yet I didn’t see one obese […]

The 5 Beauty Rules French Women Swear By

Photo: @carolinedemaigret Growing up with the good fortune of having a Parisian mother, I learned a thing or two about French culture: Wine with meals verges on essential; always serve a salad with said meal; it’s never too late in the day for an espresso; and you must take care of […]

Lover of Parisian Lifestyle

Last year April, I took Khushi to Paris for the very first time. As you already may have noticed, I JUST LOVE AND ADORE EVERYTHING PARIS & PARISIAN! We took the Euro Star from London to Paris. We had brought some lunch and entertainment to keep us occupied during the […]