What does Joie De Vivre mean to you? 

A few months ago I somehow ‘discovered’ author Jamie Cat Callan and her book; ‘Bonjour Happiness! Secrets to finding your Joie De Vivre’. 

This is my favorite of Jamie Cat Callan’s books by far, probably because it is lifestyle based. It isn’t just, “French women are…” She thoughtfully discusses what seems to bring JOY to the French (as an entire culture) and contrasts it with American ideology. 

This is basically “The Power Of Now” in nice lingerie. The secret of happiness is simply to enjoy the small things in life.

A lot of the advice in this book is very good, mainly value yourself, slow down and appreciate (again) the little things. I did finish the book vowing that I wouldn’t rush my meals and would take time to appreciate the world around me. I also liked the fact that the author constantly suggests way you can live more like the French even when you do not live in France. 

After reading this book, I have dedicated my Fridays to my ‘Joie De Vivre’ time – where I celebrate the week gone, my highlights and achievements. I’ve put together a list of ‘MY WELLNESS AND HOW I STAY HEALTHY – ON A BUDGET 🙂‘ – it’s nothing exclusive, just simple things that makes me happy – my version of Joie De Vivre.

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